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Increased muscle mass, aided weight loss, and a proven mood booster: who doesn’t want a little more protein in their lives? Our 100% organic plant-based formula—which boasts a complete amino acid profile—provides 20g. of protein in each serving without any digestive issues you might get with other formulations.

Essential for muscle recovery and repair, Ascend’s Protein Powder is your daily go-to for building lean mass and getting back in the game, quicker and cleaner.

  •  100% Organic Ingredients – Artificial Free
  •  Plant Based. Nothing from Cows, just Wholefoods.
  •  Complete Amino Acid profile
  •  20 grams of high quality protein per serving
  •  Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Non-GMO

Supplement Facts

Detailed Ingredient List

Organic Pea Protein Isolate

  • Perfect for those that might be allergic and/or intolerant to animal based protein powders.
  • High in BCAAs (Branch chain amino acids), which help retain muscle, reduce belly fat and keep you feeling full longer.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Studies on Pea Protein have been shown to lower blood pressure and clean the kidneys.

Organic Acacia

  • Can help increase GOOD cholesterol levels.
  • Helps detox – Fibers bind themselves to toxins and remove them through digestion.
  • High quality PREbiotic fiber source that promotes healthy bacteria.

Organic Brown Rice Protein

  • Very lean and low in fat.
  • Helps promote muscle growth, lean body mass and potentially weight loss.
  • Low glycemic food that can help regulate blood sugar.

Organic Coconut

  • Helps prevent obesity by speeding up ones metabolism.
  • Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) promote heart health.
  • Reduces sugar cravings.
  • Improves digestive health and reduces bowel inflammation.
  • Reduces harmful bacteria in the body.

Organic Agave Inulin

  • Another high quality PREbiotic that helps promote healthy bacteria.
  • Highly soluble and mixes easy in water.
  • Helps promote healthy weight loss.
  • Helps enhance calcium absorption.

Organic Chia Seed

    • High concentration of antioxidants.
    • High quality source of protein.
    • High in Omega 3 fatty acids.
    • Help promote healthy weight loss.
    • Rich in antioxidants and useful minerals.

Organic Hemp Seed

    • Dense in protein.
    • May reduce risk of heart disease.
    • May reduce symptoms of menopause.
    • Great fiber source, which can help with digestion.
    • Helps assist with weight loss and can help regulate blood sugar.

Organic Pumpkin Seed

      • High in zinc, which provides immune support.
      • A great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.
      • Anti-inflammatory support.
      • Dense in antioxidants.

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4 reviews for Organic Protein Powder – Plant Based

  1. 5 out of 5

    Absolutely the best one out there so far! It’s so smooth and taste so good! I make 3 shakes a day . I feel refreshed , not bloated at all and it’s a powder I actually look forward to! The taste is light and mixes great with even water !!
    I work out 6 days a week and find this is completely appropriate for my body and my results have been great ! Totally recommend you try this protien powder , it’s now the only one I use!!

  2. 2 out of 5

    Every time I try to order this product – it is out of stock and takes too long to get available again. This is my food. I often use it three times a day. Sadly, I have to settle for some other companies inferior products.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Powerful and healthy. It the real Deal. Its honestly that simple. Everything they advertised about this product came out to be true. And thats rare in todays market. Chad P. Sanders Belizaire. FB

  4. 5 out of 5

    We are so proud to carry the Ascend Plant Protein products. Everyone who adds the pea protein to their smoothies are impressed with the flavor and quality. This is not a gritty protein powder. Worth every penny!

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